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Jobs and Income in Pipeline Construction

  • Oil & Gas is a global, trillion-dollar industry. Due to the ever-increasing population, the demand for these energy resources continues to grow. New pipelines are constantly being built to transport natural gas and crude oil to keep up with demand. Additionally, many existing pipelines are 75 to 100 years old. These older pipelines need ongoing maintenance and repair and some will be completely replaced with new pipelines. New construction and maintenance of existing pipelines creates tens of thousands of new jobs every year.

  • Pipeline Construction offers some of the highest-paying jobs in the world. Pipeline Construction Workers can earn more income per year than many professionals with a 4-year college degree. The average income in Pipeline Construction is $96,324 per year (Source: Pipeline Inspectors and Managers can earn $150,000 or more per year.

Careers in Pipeline Construction


Pipeline Construction Worker

These hard-working people are responsible for building the pipeline. Pipeline Construction Workers work for the contractor and consist of skilled and unskilled workers.



Inspectors observe and document construction progress and accept or reject the work. Inspectors write daily reports on the contractor’s progress.


Office Administration

No pipeline project could ever be completed without office personnel. There are many documents involved in a pipeline construction project. All documents must be reviewed, managed, and filed so that regulatory agencies can find them in an audit.


Underground Utility Construction

Most utility lines use the same methods of excavation, installation, and backfill as pipeline construction.

Our Training Program Could Also Help You Get a Job With:

  • Water and Sewage Company

  • Telecommunication and Cable Installation

  • Electrical Utility Installation

  • Other Underground Utility Construction

Our Pipeline Construction Training Program

Energy Training Systems LLC gets our students trained to work in the Oil & Gas Pipeline Construction and Underground Utility Construction industries. Our comprehensive training program will give you the skill set needed to find a position with a company that offers high pay, health insurance, and a 401k program.

In Our Training Program, You Will Learn:

  • Pipeline Construction
  • How to Inspect the Work
  • How to Write Professional Reports
  • How to Read Blueprints and Technical Documents
  • Industry Standards (NACE, API, AWS)
  • Safety Regulations (OSHA)


You will learn what you need to know to succeed as a construction worker on the pipeline. You will learn details on how to perform hands-on at every phase of pipeline construction. We cover in detail utility locating, trenching, welding, coating, lowering in, padding and backfill, and much more. To learn more about what is included in our course, take our Free Introductory Course at no charge to learn all about our training program.

No, in fact, there are Pipeline Construction Workers who are high school dropouts working steady jobs building pipelines and earning $80,000 or more per year. Some of those workers have advanced to Foreman and Spread Boss status and earn more than $125,000 per year. No formal education is required to take our course and succeed in pipeline construction.

In order to keep up with growing energy demands, new pipelines are constantly being built all over the country. There are large projects (Ex: 36” transmission pipelines) and smaller projects (Ex: 2” distribution pipelines) built in cities and towns in the U.S. Additionally, all pipelines require ongoing maintenance. Pipeline Integrity Management projects happen all year round, all over the country. Our course gets into details about where the jobs are and how to get on with a good company.

We believe in ‘Safety First’ on all construction projects. Our course discusses how to read a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and we discuss wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You will also learn about OSHA regulations, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), safety stand-downs, as well as many other safety topics in our course.

Protecting the environment is essential for all construction projects. Our course covers Best Management Practices (BMPs) and discusses many different Erosion Control Devices (ECD’s) such as silt fence, straw wattles, trench breakers, and others. We also discuss the protection of wetlands, waterways, and endangered species.

No pipeline project could be completed without Office Personnel handling all of the paperwork. There are many documents involved in pipeline construction such as Inspector reports, Material Traceability Reports (MTRs), product and safety documents, and more. In our course, you will learn about the forms and documents involved in a pipeline construction project.

  • 100 Online Training Lessons
  • Self-Study Course to Work at Your Own Pace
  • Student Support From Our Admins
  • Digital Library of Documents
  • Digital Workbook to Take Notes In
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Resume' Assistance and Job Search Training

Our training program consists of 5 Training Modules with 20 Lessons per Module (100 Lessons total). Each Training Module is $150. We offer two purchase options:

Option 1: Purchase 5 Modules individually: You can purchase individual Modules at your own pace. By purchasing Modules one at a time, your investment to take our course is $750.

Option 2: Course Bundle: Purchase our Course Bundle and receive all 5 Modules at once. Our Course Bundle is $550. You will save $200 by purchasing our Course Bundle.

Most of our students complete their training in 5 weeks. If you devote 20 hours a week to your studies, you will complete your training in 5 weeks. If you devote one hour per day to your studies, you will finish in 5 months. You can work at your own pace. Most students who want to finish their training in 5 weeks choose our Course Bundle option.

Once you complete all 5 Modules, you will be provided with a Certificate of Completion, a professional resume’ template, and job search training. We will show you how and where to find great jobs to help you get started in your career. Also, your name will go into our ‘Training Verified’ database. If a potential employer contacts us to confirm that you have completed our course, we will verify that you did.

We suggest that you take our Free Introductory Course at no charge to get answers to many of your questions. You can complete our Introductory Course in 15 minutes. You will learn more about the pipeline and utility industry, and you’ll see detailed training information about our course. Use our Contact Us form to ask us any questions.